ICHCE 2024

Call For Papers

Call For Papers

The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

◕ Intelligent Disaster Prevention and Control

◔ Smart Disaster Prevention

◔ Application of Big Data in Disaster Rescue

◔ Smart Post-Disaster Rescue

◔ Post-Disaster Reconstruction Technology

◔ Disaster Prevention and Rescue Monitoring System

◔ Intelligent Control Systems on Disaster Prevention and Energy Saving

◕ Safety engineering and intelligent structure monitoring

◔ Geotechnical, safety engineering

◔ Intelligent management in engineering

◔ Intelligent Structure Monitoring and Sensor network

◔ Detection and signal conversion and processing

◔ Safety monitoring and intelligent safety engineering

◔ Analysis and design of engineering structure

◕ Intelligent civil and transportation engineering

◔ Intelligent transportation engineering

◔ Planning and scheduling of urban traffic

◔ Information management of transport system

◔ Electrification of transport system

◕ Intelligent  water conservancy and hydropower

◔ Water supply and drainage engineering

◔ Smart water channel and pipe network

◔ Intelligent dispatching of hydropower

◔ Modeling and optimization of hydrodynamics

◔ Informationized and intelligent monitoring of floods